DOWNTOWN for 2 players!

After publication of DOWNTOWN the author Bernard Weber developed a version for 2 players. All the testers enjoyed this version and so on the occasion of Spiel ’97 we would really like to pass it on.

It is assumed that you already know the rules of DOWNTOWN. Where nothing is stated to the contrary, the rules are the same as the game for 3 to 6 people.

Give each player:
● 1 player-aid card ‘Beneficial development’ (‘Sinnvolle Nutzung’)
● 1 player-aid card ‘Cost/Value/Bonus’ (‘Kosten/Wert/Bonus’)
● 1 of each type of voting card: ‘Housing’ (‘Wohnen’), ‘Industry’ (‘Industrie’), ‘Trade’ (‘Handel’)
● 30 marker pieces in 2 colours
● 1 selection disc
There are no ‘lobby’ tiles and no money!
After the first six developments have been established, the remaining 18 planning cards are shuffled face-down and 9 are dealt to each player. These are then placed face-up in front of each player.

Phase 1: Planning cards
The ‘mayor’ (start player) chooses one of his planning cards and places it in the middle. Whether it is odd or even has no consequences.

Phase 2: Voting for land use
The other player decides the land use for this development area by choosing a development tile and placing it on the board.

Phase 3: Buying plots
Each player has 15 marker pieces of one colour that in the course of the game may be placed only on plots with tiles and 15 marker pieces of a second colour that can be placed only on plots without a tile. The number of the marker pieces is limited. Once pieces are taken off the board they are not given back!
The players use the selection disc and voting cards as usual to indicate where and how many they want to buy. If one does not get a plot that one wanted, the marker piece must still be given up. There is no cost – you simply place the appropriate piece on the board or the tile.

Phase 4: Calculating the value
The value is calculated as normal and recorded for each player. If you don’t want to use a pen you can use the money to ‘record’ the points. There is no bonus.

Phase 5: Mayor
The players alternate being the start player.

End of the Game and Victory
The game ends as normal. The player with the largest score wins.

You can read the rule also in german language on our site. Sie können diese Regel auch in Deutsch auf unserer Seite lesen!

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