Original Rules for a 2-player-game of Ursuppe

Ursuppe for 2 players

Dummy player
Define a dummy player, which doesn't play by the normal rules, but rather plays automatically, e.g. drifts everytime. Has life expectancy from the beginning, gets 2 amoebas per round. Dummy does or doesn't score.
Double play I
Every player plays for two colours, but scores only the worse result of his two colours.
Double play II
Every player plays with two colours. Start like a four players game. All starting amoebas are without. Phase 1: The second ranked players starts by feeding on of his colours, the leading player then feeds his first colour and afterward his second colour and finally the second ranked player feeds his other colour. Phase 3: Players by genes and they apply to both of their colours! Phase 4: New amoebas cost 4 (and 3 with division rate). Usual rules are applied for extinct or nearly extinct colours (not players). Phase 6: A player scores for the number of amoebas in each of his colours plus once the score for his genes.